Camping Diary: Buckhorn

Buckhorn (link contains directions and site details)

Buckhorn is a great campground with plenty of sites.  It’s completely paved aprons but the sites are pretty close together.  There is a lot of sharing of noise and space!  That being said, there is a hike to Cooper Canyon falls.  When I was last there, we hiked to the falls but there wasn’t much water (and the water was FREEZING!).

On the way up to Buckhorn during dry season:


The campsites are well shaded:8110529692_fbf4beff02_o

On the way to Cooper Canyon Falls:8110512031_4d65c42f40_o


Cooper Canyon falls (photo by my wife):135831_10102054375087673_1926299901_o

Nearby at Cloudburst Summit (elevation: 7,122ft) on the Angeles Crest Highway:8069018262_6b49223c3e_o


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