One Year, pt. 1

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my departure from southeast Michigan to start the journey of coming to Los Angeles to work at UCLA.  It’s hard to underscore how quick time has passed since packing everything up in Hamtramck and hoping that my subletted apartment was going to be actually, physically there when I arrived in Westwood 5 days later.  But it all worked out – didn’t it?

When I was packing in Hamtramck, or rather, was helping my partner pack everything up, I lost my cat.  My cat, Moses, had chosen to hide out somewhere that I didn’t know existed in our flat: behind the bathroom sink.  I presume he disappeared somewhere into the wall or another galaxy.  I was devastated.  I’d only had the cat for maybe 7 or 8 months, but he was really important to me.  I thought he had run out while the doors were open and we were moving furniture into the U-Haul.

Nope.  The cat came out of the bathroom sink sometime in the morning.  Who knows how he got in there, where he went, or what was going through his mind.  I’m sure he knew that we were moving again (not exactly a cat’s favorite activity) and decided to hide out.  I, on the other hand, was incredibly relieved.  Of course, given the stress of a big life transition (moving across the country for a job with your partner while driving a tiny car TOWING a U-Haul), the fun was far from over.

A few days prior, I took Moses to the veterinarian to get a check-up and some sedatives for the ride. Five days in a car was not going to be easy on the furball, but I knew he’d be fine if he was calm.  The doctor prescribed him (me?) Acepromazine – and to take a half tablet in the morning before getting him in the car and going.  But, as I had forgotten to break the tablet in half, I gave Moses a whole pill. And therefore freaked out when I realized I potentially had poisoned my cat by forgetting to break the pill into two. The ensuing matter was a crazy bit of driving to CVS, getting peroxide, forcing the cat to ingest said peroxide, and vomit up the Acepromazine and give him a proper dose.

If I haven’t conveyed it yet, this day was a bit of a stress-inducing matter.

And yet, Moses was fine.  And so am I.  It’s an entire year gone by, I now have moved twice in Los Angeles (one from my sublet to an apartment with a roommate to another in an apartment with just my partner) and I have lived to tell the tale.  And I didn’t even have to vomit to get by.

Moses, my cat

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