New Directions.

Graduate school and life in Lansing is, for the most part, done.  For now, I’m between acts and living with the uncertain yet exciting opportunity of an intermission.  That being said, I’m trying to look at what the next steps for this blog are.  In the second year of my master’s program, I definitely became more journal-entry heavy, and while that’s great, I’d rather be discussing semi-academic topics with real analysis.

That being said, I also want to write more on Detroit and the cities surrounding it.  So as I navigate the in-between work-and-school gap, you may see a mix of topics of discussion and interests.  Unlike the last two summers, instead of setting goals, monitoring their progress, and then lamenting what I failed to complete, I hope to just talk about what I’m actually doing and simply be happy with that.

As of recent, I rode my bicycle from Hamtramck, down to the Dequindre Cut, and then on northward through the Detroit International Riverfront to Belle Isle.  I circled Belle Isle and returned using the same path of which I arrived.

I took some pictures along the way (at the bottom of this post).  A few things that I noticed about cycling in the city of Detroit.  First, most people (particularly when I was on St. Aubin) definitely seemed a little confused as to why I was cycling on the particular path I was on.  However, almost everybody I passed shared a “Hello” with me – something that I thought was great.  I say “Hi” to a lot of people while cycling, it’s a good way to tell someone that you see them and you’re not about to run them down.

The second thing that was interesting was the heterogeneity of the path.  While most of the people I passed were African-American, there was a large number of individuals who weren’t.  This is significant in that it suggests that Detroit is not as homogeneous as perhaps it is portrayed.  Furthermore, that race relations are changing in the region, for the better, and that the city is not due for race-driven hate crimes with the influx of Latinos and Caucasians into the city’s core urban areas.  If you didn’t know, Detroit has had multiple race-related riots/rebellions, one of which started on Belle Isle in 1943.

Detroit from Belle Isle
The Detroit River near Chene Park

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