Apple avoiding taxes: anti-innovation and…

There’s been a lot of buzz on the web in the last week or so about Apple (you know, maker of the iPhone, iPod, iEtc.,).  Anyway, Chris Newfield over on Remaking the University wrote a post about Apple avoiding taxes being anti-innovation.  I totally agree with him.

Frankly, any company that avoids paying taxes is terrible.  Taxes pay for roads.  And schools.  And universities.  And police.  And everything else.  So, arguably, taxes are necessary.  There’s a certain amount of blame people put on the U.S. Congress for not holding these companies accountable… but I think it’s really important to hold companies that avoid taxes accountable as a taxpayer who is stuck holding the bill.

That piece aside, Newfield has it right with apple being anti-innovation.  Frankly, it’s stupid, because Silicon Valley (where Apple is headquarted) is the center of American innovation with information and knowledge technology.  IT and knowledge are the reason that Silicon Valley transformed from a place manufacturing vacuum tubes with the FTC (Federal Telegraph Company) to the being the center for semiconductor production (transistors, computer processors, computer parts) in the U.S. and making a lot of people wealthy.  These wealthy people continuously desired to go further with their information discovery (aka innovation) and reinvested into the region.

Reinvesting into the region can come in many forms.  One of which is paying your damn taxes.

Anyway, the whole post can be found here.


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