It’s worth reading for the lesson

If you haven’t starting following intoDetroit as part of your essential Detroit blogs, now might be the time to get over and read.  Reblogged:

Taking the good with the bad

Often, when you read about all the “moving to Detroit” hype, the optimism flows like hot butter down a biscuit. People will stress and emphasize how amazing, how wonderful, how beautiful Detroit is.

While all of that is true, there is also the elephant in the room: People try to overcompensate for Detroit’s downfalls in their writing. It’s almost as if by pushing how wonderful everything is, they can hide the negativity.

It’s only natural. How else are we to be expected to make the best of a bad situation? We’re fighting a war of perception with people who desperately, for one reason or another, want us to fail.

It was very easy to be a part of the “Positive Detroit” crowd when I was comfortably ensconced in my suburban enclave. I could drive to all the best areas of Detroit, do cool stuff, take cool pictures, meet cool people, and drive back home to write about how awesome everything was.

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