Hiatus? Not quite.

It’s become difficult to manage a steady blogging pattern this semester and last.  Indeed, part of it comes with a true action to spend less time on the computer and more time doing the things I said I wanted to do: reading, going outside, etc.  I’ve found myself keeping up with my 365-photo a day challenge, eating healthy, etc., and am happy with it.  In critical reflection of my life and goals, it’s acceptable to not blog as often.

So what becomes of this space as it’s less used? I’ve been keeping some useful links buried on other pages and hope to write a second guide for the city of Detroit, as I did in Lansing.  As for blogging, however, I hope to explore some of the academic discourse I’ll be perusing as a graduate student.  Perhaps this will focus me on the path to a dissertation one day.  Topics I will focus on will include urban and educational issues, potentially from frames of racial tensions and gender performance in America.  Other topics may be circulate geographic inequities.

Comments are welcome.

Project 365 (20)


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