It’s time for those end of the year reflections…

While I absolutely adore Facebook’s new Timeline feature, I find it a bit too intrusive to my privacy.  AKA, you don’t need to see when I was graduating from high school and not as discrete as to what information I put out in to the world.  However, one neat tool is that between my blog posts and the Timeline, I can look back to December/January of 2010/2011 (respectively) and look to see what my goals were.

Some of my larger challenges to myself were to reduce my waste, recycle everything possible, and spend less time on the computer.  Some other challenges were dietary, and I’m happy to report that between then and now, I’m 15 pounds lighter.  I tried to go gluten-free for a month, which didn’t work so well, but I did go vegan for a month, which I did not like.   I’ve been mostly a faithful vegetarian with a few mistakes here and there.

During the year, I challenged myself to take a break from technology, perhaps get outdoors more, etc.  While I definitely did this in fits and spurts, I did not make this a serious change in my life.  Sitting here now, I find myself yearning again to be more of an “outdoorsy” type, rather than the individual that spends 8+ hours a day on a computer.  Which is what actually happens.  I also challenged myself to learn French, achieve fluency in Spanish, and some other things…. and they didn’t really stick.

So looking forward to 2012, it’s time to revisit my desires, who the person I want to be is, and how I am going to get there.  I think there are some goals that will continue, including vegetarianism and being the less-computer-oriented person that I am now.  Outside of schoolwork and work-work, I’d like to limit my computer use to 10 hours a week, split however I see fit.  Given that today alone, I probably spent six or seven hours online, this may pose a challenge.

In my new-found spare time, I might perhaps pick up a few replacement activities, including going for walks, listening to music, and reading.  I also think I’m going to challenge myself to a 365 photo-and-poem a day journal, which should be interesting as I perhaps am finishing the last semester of my formal education in my life.  While I have considerably grown in my Spanish functionality and guitar playing, I would like to achieve mastery in both of those arts.

Definitely important, and not last, I hope to better communicate with others in manners that are more consistent.  If you were one of my friends, you might know that I am terrible at texting and calling others on a regular basis.  While I’m rather good at keeping up at work-work and school work, I am terrible at keeping up with friends.  I hope this serves to better my relationships with my current friends and family, and perhaps expand those circles as well.

The other things I have considered to be important changes made over the past few years-vegetarianism, bicycling everywhere, sticking up for the underrepresented, being generally nice and supportive, not answering e-mail from my phone, etc., are going to continue.  For the good life and the good lives of others, rock on.

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