A different kind of concept mapping

I’m intrigued by the ability of digital photography and how it is shaping the things that we do.  We can have photos geotagged and then aggregation search tools like Google Image search or Flickr can use a string query in combination with the geo information and a map base.

For example, searching for “Vegetarian” in Flickr resulted in this (and you can see the real deal by clicking here):

Narrowing the query to another, smaller area of search resulted in this (and again, here is the link to the actual map):

I find this tool amazing.  This is a different type of concept mapping that allows for a very stimulus-response reaction.  Any individual can search “flowers” and look at pictures of local flora taken at a particular location.

Some tools:

Stay tuned for a coming post… the myriad of GIS and GIS-related tools…. all in one place!  (probably over American Thanksgiving holiday).

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