Updating the way Different Lenses operates…

Following a smidgen of free time earlier this day, Different Lenses has gone through a makeover.  I think it might be important to revisit the mission of this blog and what it offers.

First, the bulk of the blog is posts that I generate.  I’ve covered topics around urbanism in Michigan, particularly in Detroit and Lansing.  I have covered education and politics throughout the state, giving plenty of opinion and thought.  And importantly, I’ve also written plenty of journal entries about my experiences in travelling, working, and studying as a graduate student.  I would encourage anyone interested in these particular topics to read my posts, and importantly, discuss them with me.  Higher education, place, economics, politics, traveling, and other studies are of interest to me.

I have populated my sidebar with my social media.  While my Twitter account does follow a lot of authors around topics of interest, I do tweet about my life as well.  Finally, I’ve populated my Links page with the “Best of the Web” in my experience over the past five years.  I don’t bookmark or save a lot links, but the ones I have saved are worth checking out.

I think I may start including some more about my hobbies (photography and cartography).  I (hopefully) graduate in a few short months and from there, I may not continue blogging about all of the same topics.  Until then, here’s to more of it all.

Indiana University



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