It’s a bit painful…

…that instead of working on a midterm I’m updating my blog.  In any case, this post will surround my use of technology, eating habits, and this semester.  It’s more of a personal post than some of my others.

So I’ve successfully managed to reduce the amount I spend on social media… specifically Facebook.  I still tweet during the week, mostly from the web browser.  I set some guidelines about a month ago: Facebook only on Sundays. Since then, I’ve been on probably for less than an hour a week.  I find that the status updates are not worth perusing, while previously I might spend an hour reading my friends’ status updates.  What are the implications of this?  Does it suggest I don’t care about my friends?  Does it mean anything?

I think it means that I don’t want to spend time reading status updates because I think the majority of them are not worth reading.  Take that as you like-but the dinner you’re eating now is not going to contribute to me in any fashion… unless you’re inviting me over.  Furthermore, I connect with people more now the old-fashioned way: in person or through phone, suggesting that the connections I currently have are more important to me than the ones established loosely through a social media website.

Next step?  Reinforcing my personal connections (old friends and the like) by establishing communication patterns that are friendly and professional.  I think it’s also important to mention that this very cognizant in that, during graduate school, I haven’t spent a lot of time on anyone but my own education… and that things like Facebook and Twitter have provided a false sense of connection with my friends and family.

Next, I’m debating whether or not I should maintain my vegetarianism.  For about a year and a half now, I’ve only bought meat to eat once (a week ago) and been fed meat only a handful a times that I thought it be too rude to refuse.   Originally, I became a vegetarian because I thought it would be good for the environment, good for my health, and an interesting challenge to meet.  I think I’ve reached all of those goals.

However, lately I’ve noticed that I’ve been craving meat in a fashion that I haven’t since I originally decided to go vegetarian, both in the hunger sense and that I’ve changed my workout habits, requiring different nutrition.  Ultimately, I would hope to maintain eating habits that are good for the environment and my health.  I just need to figure out if this can be done with meat included.

And finally, this semester.  Three very interesting classes: adult learning, the history of postsecondary education in the United States, and case studies in higher education administration.  I hope to learn more about the type of institutions that exist in the U.S. and how that will affect my job search and future employment, and to be challenged in my writing.  Recently, it has become the realization that a Ph.D program might be in my future.  If such a program is to be, my writing needs to be top-notch.

And yep, it’s fall (taken last Saturday at Apple Charlie’s in Brownstown, MI):


3 thoughts on “It’s a bit painful…

  1. Tom,

    There are a lot of ethical options surrounding meat in Michigan, if you do some digging. Unfortunately it isn’t always cheap. While I know you have probably already got a couple places you know of, it might be worth it for you ask my sister about options. She generally only eats meat if it is from an ethical source. Considering MSU has its share of agriculture and Ann Arbor has a number of shop owners with progressive prerogatives, it shouldn’t be impossible to find–as my mother puts it–”happy cow meat.”

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