Saturday is Sunday; Get out the VOTE!

Saturday is Sunday today… because instead of relaxing tomorrow, I’m relaxing today.  That means… blogging.  So: Ready to go? Let’s go!

If you’ve been following my tweets this week, you’d notice that I was rather distraught with the state of the Michigan government trashing the rights  of the LGBT citizens in this state.  While I’m still distraught, I release some of this energy by working to reverse the hatred that seems to permeate Lansing’s political crust: I’ve become an organizer for the Obama 2012 campaign.  It’s an interesting and albeit unplanned to the already heavy workload I have as a full-time graduate student with a 24-hour-a-week GA, but it’s worth it.  Besides, I’m probably going to need some preparation in learning how to sleep less as I potentially end up in a residential life department next year.

Another positive aspect to joining the OFA #FallFellows11 program is the amount of energy that the professional staff have in supporting the volunteer staff.  Here’s the lesson we learned on day one:


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