Tech Break Update.

I haven’t posted on this in a long while, especially since the tech break was over sometime officially before summer starter, but I’m starting a new one.  Basically, for the past two weeks, I’m only going on social media websites (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) on Sunday.

And it’s been great.

I wouldn’t doubt it if I’m not the only college student wasting an astronomical amount of time on Facebook and other social media.  The sad part about it is, even if I realize it, I still do it.  So this tech break is useful for me.

The next question-what do I do with all of that free time?  Well, I’ve changed my routine to incorporate more news (which perhaps isn’t the healthiest thing) and spending time memorizing some Spanish vocabulary.

So why do this?  The fact of the matter is that it’s the same question I ask to my students that I’ve answered for myself: what are you doing with yourself?  Are you acting like the person you want to be?  And since I don’t see my  future self wasting away on Facebook, it makes sense to change that behavior now.

Also as a result, I will try to only post a blog on Sundays.



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