Mr. Snyder, tear down this wall!

Ok, ok, so maybe this post isn’t that drastic.   However, I want to reiterate a message around Michigan’s success that started with a post a while back, titled “An Open Letter to Governor-Elect Rick Snyder.”

Governments are made of compromise.  The State of Michigan, certainly, is part of that compromise.  I am grateful to NOT see Governor Snyder joining the RGA’s recent prayer circle, I am grateful to see Snyder also not backing every crazy ultraright thing coming from Dave Agema.

So, Governor Snyder, you now have your business-friendly tax code, a balanced budget, and might I happily add, you have started on next year’s already.  For that, I hesitantly clap my hands.  It’s rare for a politician to do something like this, and even if I don’t agree with it completely, balanced budgets are still something I like.

Now how about giving the left a little back?  I’m not worried about same-sex marriage or employment discrimination law regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons, as this seems to have national attention and will be dealt with quicker there.  However, I am worried about immigration, education, and transportation.

According to the law firm Morgan Lewis, Michigan is ripe for immigration reform because we do not have very much legislation on the subject.  From the linked survey:  “A law (SB 229), signed in October 2007, directs state agencies to consider the immigration and residency status of persons employed by a prospective contractor and whether the use of noncitizen workers would be detrimental to the state.”

And that’s it!  So, in combination with Snyder’s recent “Come to Michigan” campaign for immigrants, why aren’t we seeing Michigan’s own version of the DREAM Act come in to play, similar to what Illinois recently signed in to law?

So, Governor, what’s your move?  Can you bring population back to Michigan? Can you build an urban metropolis competitive with Toronto, Mumbai, and Seoul?  Detroit has a lot of potential-it’s big, diverse, and cheap. However, I feel that without the strong infrastructure, education, and immigration reform that is so obviously needed, it’s going to be difficult to attract new companies and new talent.


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