Full Circle

Columbia University has one of the best orientation videos I’ve seen on YouTube.  While the video is geared to international students, I feel it’s applicable to anyone moving to a new area, especially to a new region.

As someone from the Midwestern United States, I’m  used to a few things.   Namely, easy driving, “pop,” and people being polite whether or not they know you.  While these are generalizations, they stem from some truths about the differences from the Midwest as compared to the East Coast.

Here, driving is a nightmare (at least for me), I’ve been corrected on my usage of the word “pop,” and I can count on one hand the times someone has said “thank you” after I held the door for them.  That being said, I’ve started to love it here and I know why.

When I arrived here, I was in full love with Boston.  Big city, bright lights, fancy school, all of the things that anyone could really want at their fingertips.  Slowly, and then very quickly, however, things waned.  Grocery shopping is different.  I don’t have a backyard to hang out in.  My car is parked more than  quarter mile from where I live and I constantly worry about its well-being.  Now, two months in, those things have normalized and I’m conscious of my attitude towards it.

Lately, it’s been very satisfying to show up to work a little early and get all of my work done.  As an intern, this gives me some extra free time.  This free time I utilize as an opportunity to meet people.  Fact of the matter is, in less than a year, I will be doing a serious job search.  And Boston is now familiar enough for me to want to live here for a little while.

The benefit of putting extra in to get to know others better has been that I get more out of it.  In a year, hopefully it lands me a job, but now, it makes me more satisfied with my work environment.  It’s nice to see that feeling come full circle.


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