…but, hold onto what you’ve got.

You (the reader) and most persons know of the old expression, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” right?  While I interpret this to be a thought around possessions, I also interpret it to be around feelings, relationships, and perhaps most importantly, peer support.

I understand that, as a millenial, as a recent college graduate (and current graduate student), and as a young professional that there has been a push to find one’s calling and then find work that supports that calling.  In doing so, many people, young and old, millenials and non-millenials, choose to uproot themselves and transplant their lives into other regions.  However, when we support such moves, are we uprooting and therefore losing treasured feelings, relationships, and peer support networks?  Are we so transient a society?

Perhaps it’s indicative of current family structures and the trend from larger, extranuclear homes and living arrangements to suburban nuclear homes (or now, homes with one parent or one individual) that we are becoming less attached to the aforementioned relationships.  It certainly fits with the rhetoric of what “America has become.”  However, as I sit nearly 1,000 miles from my peer groups, relationships, and support, I stress to think that it would be a bad decision to abandon all of that.

Fortunately or unfortunately, America is a very large country full of different opportunities that are near and far.  Some regions, like the Midwest, are challenged in a time of reduced industry, while others are supported in high-tech fields and growth.  It makes it difficult to live in a challenged environment when others that are thriving are easily moved in to.  But, perhaps it’s important to “bide the tide” and hold on to what you’ve got.



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