Intentional Learning, Summer v. 23

This summer, I will be heading to the Athens of America, Beantown, The Hub, and any other nicknames for a tiny town called Boston, MA. I intend to use my time there wisely: an internship and some fun summer goals. As such, it’s time to give this blog it’s latest lens: My Life in Boston. A few interesting decisions will be made as a result of this internship: 1) Will I move out of Michigan after graduate school? 2) Will I like to work in housing, residence life, pre-college, or first year experience programs?  I hope to post weekly updates about my experiences around person-person interactions, person-city interactions, bicycling in the city, eating new foods, and oh yeah, working at MIT.

A few things worth mentioning that I didn’t in my previous blog post (as I was out of breath!): this year has been awesome.  Not only am I one year through a masters program, I finished this year strongly and with a lot of changes happening.  I can safely say that I am where I want to be in my own development as student affairs professional and that I enjoy the trajectory for future development!  So why is this?

First is Michigan State University.  MSU has been a fantastic institution to work for and learn with.  The institution itself has a lot of resources for all students, including graduate students, that have helped me in times of crisis and need.  It’s also a fantastic institution because the students here are both amazing and engaged–something helpful in adding to the school spirit that us Spartans have!  Because the institution is so large, every problem and solution that could exist, seems to exist, allowing students to work on their own issues and solve them.  For a student affairs practitioner, it’s lovely.

Second, Love Lansing.  This city is nice… medium sized, not too small, not too big, bike friendly, politically mixed, lots of coffee shops, bars, and outdoorsy activities.  If the climate was a little warmer, that might help me out a little more, but I like it a lot.

Finally, a lot of personal development has occurred for me.  Academically, I feel like a graduate student.  My self-esteem is much higher than it was during my years as undergraduate.  And, while I still am rather fluid, I have a better sense of who I am individually and what I’m going to get out of life.  That being said, I have a few goals for this summer.  Outside of my internship, I hope to learn a few things about Spanish and French.  I speak Spanish fairly well, but not a drop of French.  I hope to read at least one children’s book by the end of the summer.  I also want to just read more in general-fiction, non-fiction, etc.


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