I know a guy with a Rock Star life.

“I know a guy with a Rock Star life, but he still don’t fly so he’s mad at the sky.”

One interesting criticism of self-authorship is that it operates on the basis that success is tangible-that no matter who we are, we can achieve a goal if we have the know-how.  However, reality is that a lot of us don’t have the opportunity to be exactly who we want to be.  Furthermore, if we all were self-authored persons, who would want to be the janitor?

I still support the idea of self-authorship as a concept.  It’s a tool that can be used to demonstrate a path for maturation and growth.  However, as a practitioner in the realm of higher education, it’s important to bring “reality” to a lot of perspectives.  The idea that “life beyond college,” or as some persons refer to, “the real world” (which, as a colleague points out, lowers the importance of experiences people gained while in college) does exist.  So where in the conversation of answering “how,” are we going to bring the two planes of college life and life beyond college together?

I definitely believe that, without the transition/juncture tool, many students might hit a rather severe bump in the road from these two planes.  Corporations and some research suggest that students are not learning to make this transition.  While I’d love to refute that, I’d rather take the devil’s position and advocate that I need to practice in a manner that accounts for the transition piece.

The reason I posted the above song lyrics is because, as a society, we have to educate ourselves to be aware of our own transitions.  If we don’t know that there is “something else” we should be doing to prepare ourselves for the workforce or life after college, how are we going to reach our goals?  And who do we blame?


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