Tech Break.

A while back a read an article regarding the overload of information that social media can cause.  Every three seconds, an internet user brings up a new page filled with different information.  All of the information in the world, constantly being scanned by internet users.

One challenge from this style of internet browsing is that I have become accustomed to information in the rapid, quickfire style shots such as those that come from browsing the internet.  As such, I felt it was important to take a break from twitter and facebook.  I’ve taken more of a break from twitter, as you can see on my sidebar, but nonetheless it’s been useful.

A side effect from taking a tech break is simply feeling dumb.  I don’t have the latest news at my fingertips all of the time.  I found out about Egypt a whole six hours after Mubarak stepped down, which for such an event, I think is remarkable.  The good news is that I hope to be doing more blogging and less mindless internet-ting.  Thoughts…?


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