Love/Hate Lansing

I find it interesting to live in the capital city of a state.  While Lansing is not the best capital, it’s probably not the worst.  However, the challenge is always present: What’s the purpose of this city?  We are here to serve as a business and government center for the state of Michigan, and frankly, to serve as a business and cultural center for the 1/2 million people living in Metropolitan Lansing.

Do you think the city serves both purposes?  I think not.  I think it’s just a super-far-off-suburb of the metropolitan Detroit region and not self-serving enough.

On the twittersphere, a common tag is used: “#LoveLansing.”  I like the idea of this tag in that it supports local efforts, it’s good for the region as a whole, and it forges identity for those purposes.  However, if the city doesn’t serve itself and the people living here, what really is there to love?


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