November 14th, really?

Good Sunday to all. An interesting challenge, as noted in my first post, is keeping up with the blog. I, frankly, lack that discipline and that is why there is a huge gap between posts. Furthermore, I think I should be striving to make this less personal* and more educational, enhancing the quality of the blog for others.

As I’ve been spending time studying student development theories and the foundations of student affairs, I’ve found that I have to curtail my desire to learn more about planning, cartography, and geography in general. Lately, this has come in the form of checking out planning books from the Michigan State University Library. More specifically, Jonathan Barnett’s Planning for a New Century: A Regional Agenda, has been on my mind. I’ve also learned about the “green book,” which is a soon-to-be-read agenda item.

An interesting summary of my undergraduate education, Planning for a New Century is a simple and easy read for the aspiring planner.  Outlining the challenges in separating social policy from fiscal policy, the need for data-driven plans, and the need for planners to be political, without being political, in order to actually get work done.  It seems, however, that planning’s call for me to participate might still be possible.

My challenge to myself is to balance the graduate-school-work-life-load better, and in doing that, continue writing blog posts!  For some reason, as WordPress provides me, I’ve been able to keep a base of readers without posting.  Probably not the same people, however.  So, a new lens is put forth and hopefully it keeps me moving once a week.

And for giggles, here’s a pic of my mom and I, before a football game:

*But isn’t everything one interacts with somehow personal?


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