It’s official: I’ve started grad school.

One of the challenges with social media (outlined in my first post) was the time commitment.  Well, I’ve been MIA for nearly a month, and this time without an awesome adventure to tell of U.S. travels.  Instead, I’ve started my masters program in student affairs administration at Michigan State University’s College of Education.  Fancy.

Grad school:

That being said, I’ve had plenty of time to think about what might be in my next blog post.  Or not, and instead this one is more of an “outpouring of brain.”  But you can decide.

Life. Life is hard, but not really.  I’ve got a personal crises many 20-somethings ready to take on the world have: I’ve got to commit to what I’m doing and not freak out about it.  I’ve done the first part, but the second is more difficult.  However, face it.  I’m in a pretty good chunk of this world.  I’ll have a master’s before I turn 24 and less than 20 grand in student debt. Plus, tons of people have it worse than me.

The Economy.  Is the economy turning around?  Is this tumultuous time finally over?  When I get done with this program is there going to be work for me? Actually, it seems so.  Since the bachelors program didn’t seem to land me in the work realm I wanted to be, I took the grad school route.  Now, it looks like I’ll be able to have to work when I get out.  Awesome.

Michigan.  Also, it looks like I’ll be able to work in Michigan! This state has finally got its act together, potentially.  Depending on this November 2nd’s results, we may have a conservative or liberal shift.  Either way, people are going to change their opinions and hopefully their mindset the state. Maybe I’ll work for a few years in Detroit and then grab a Ph.D from UM.  I mean earn a Ph.D.  But in what discipline?



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