It’s Not a Social Media Challenge, It’s a Time Challenge

Well, thanks to my last post, I’ve had a flurry of re-occurring traffic from several sites mostly interested in my map.  Following that, I’ve been on a near two-month hiatus.  What in the world was I up to?  In my very first post I mentioned that it’s a PITA (not the kind you eat) to keep up with all of the various social media options out there, but that I would do my best to keep this blog up because it’s really where all of my social media could culminate.  I did a few posts and then dropped off of the face of the world.  Well, I had better things to do…

In the past six weeks I have been on the adventure of a life time.  I did nearly 10,000 miles of road tripping, exploring the U.S.  I traveled from Detroit across the northern border, stopping in Chicago, Minneapolis, the Badlands, Bozeman, Spokane, and Seattle, before heading to Vancouver, BC.  I then took the Pacific coast south through to Las Angeles, stopping in Portland, Eureka, and San Luis Obispo.  Finally, I returned via a stop in Sevier, UT, Denver, and then trucked it back to Detroit.  A second trip I took landed me on the eastern portion of the U.S. I left Detroit for Philadelphia, turned north to NYC, drove through Boston, hooked back northwest to Montreal, and returned to Detroit via Toronto.

So if anyone thinks I gave up, I’m sorry.  I really was having a bit of fun!  Until next post, ciao.


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