Journal: Dropping Eaves… Picking up Positivity at the US Social Forum

I promise you, I’m not a creepy person.  While I was at the American Coney Island in downtown Detroit today, eating away at a delicious American Special (a coney dog and a loose burger combined), I overheard a waiter say something to a business-type as he took his order. He said, “Yeah, they’ve got this convention going on. It’s great. I think we should keep them here. Plus, we’ve got enough empty houses, they won’t even have to pay for the hotel!”

On the other side of the restaurant, I could here tons of people echoing great things about the city, including how nice people are, how the city’s challenges should be seen as opportunities for a new, youthful city, and how cheap everything is Detroit.  The previous night, I took some friends I had met to a pub and they were extraordinarily pleased at the $2 drinks.  Frankly, I’ve grown up with it so the shock value has worn away.  Having a bunch of people from all over the world and representing every single socioeconomic class imaginable and hearing this sentiment is very positive for all Detroiters.  It could be shared between Michiganders and the Rustbelt in general.

Skipping out on the Friday session because it was so nice out, I wandered on over to Hart Plaza to enjoy the music and the riverfront.  Since I’ll be around Detroit only a month more before hitting the path to Lansing for graduate school at Michigan State University, it’s a real good feeling to have this in the air as I go.


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